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Free Classical Music

Music Racer
AWESOME online Music game site with instrument fingering/note names and more.

John Phillip sousa Video about cpyright and technology

Classical Music USed in Motion Pictures

Note Trainer Game

Trombone Mouthpiece Guide

Ricci Adams' Music Theory- Extremely useful content! Ricci also offers the entire site to download
for offline use. Very nice tools and information for basic music theory instruction.
Dolmetsch Music Resources Pop in here and click around! These are fabulous resources for just about any type of music class!

Free Voice Lesson OYE!

Want an online version of garageband? Check out

Online Music Creation
Times article about music composition using garageband

Want to have a band made up of folks playing together from different states or countries? try

Online Music Notation Editor- NoteFlight


Here is a great example of how a video game can be connected to real life. I might have practiced a little more often if I had this when I was in High School.

Rock Band Voice Engine Tricked By Something Called a "Musical Instrument"

On one hand, what's happening here is very simple: Rock Band's singing feature just senses pitch, not words, so it's perfectly reasonable that a flute—or indeed almost any instrument—could do the trick. On the other? This is art.
The musical cosmos have been tilted out of balance for quite a while now, violently thrown askew sometime between when the first fake guitar rolled off an assembly line in China and the first time a child recognized the Beatles on the radio as "that song from my Xbox!" Today, as we watch a young lady with a flute totally pass for a Very Serious Yelling Man with a facial tattoo, it feels like, in some small way, order has been restored. [Neatorama via Kotaku]