Film Genres

Researching film genres:
Filmsite (History of film, film genres)
IMDB (Internet Movie Database) (Huge database of film info; film genres and examples; actors; directors etc)
Yahoo Directory : Film Genres (Many links to sites about various film genres.)
Google Directory : Film Genres (Many links!)
Yale University Library : Film Genres and Themes (Many links!)
Open Directory : Movie Genres (Many links!)
Alternate Takes (Some thoughts on safety, danger, dreams and genre-worlds by James MacDowell and an article about film genre, features of genres, mixing genres, hidden genres.)
Writers Store: What's my genre? By John Truby (What’s my genre? By John Truby. Short article about writing for various genres and the features of various genres.)
The Internet Movie Database (Heaps of info; directors, actors, plot summaries, cast & crew, awards, reviews, films, TV.)

World cinema:
external image msword.png worldcinema.doc
(a list of acclaimed films & directors; links to world cinema websites.)

Free media resources (images, videos, sound files) can be found at:
AEShareNet (for sharing learning materials.)
Creative Commons (share, reuse and remix images, videos, sound.)
Wikimedia Commons (a database of over 1 million media files to which anyone can contribute.)