Rock Our World in global collaborative project where, together, students from all 7 continents compose original music (GarageBand), make movies and meet each other in live video chats!

Since 2004 we have been connecting students and teachers to collaborate in composing original music, making movies, and meeting each other in live video chats.

Using Appleā€™s GarageBand, each country creates a 30 second drum beat. Every Friday, that drum rotates to another country, where the bass guitar is added. It keeps getting passed along, from country to country. At each stop, one more instrument is added. it comes back to the original country, it has touched students from all over the world!

While the music is moving, students are meeting each other in live video chats to discuss various topics of curriculum. Together, we have worked with the following companies: Apple, Discovery, American Film Institute, smart Technologies, NASA, Visual Learning Company, Lintor Publishing, Mariner Software, actor Will Smith and more!